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Kenya Secondary Education Fund

Helping to Educate Village Children in Kenya   

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KSEF is a Charity registered at HMRC. Our HMRC reference is  XT30279

On 13 July 2013 Steve Thomas ran FOUR marathons in UNDER 30 Hours for KSEF.     Please give generously !

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People at KSEF

KSEF has three founders, and principals: Steve Thomas, Nick Davison, and Marie Buckley.  They do everything needed to keep KSEF running smoothly.

Nick Davison

Nick is a medical student living in London.

During a gap year he spent time teaching in Kenya during 2007.

Since then he has been sponsoring a child who is currently at secondary school.

Marie Buckley

Marie is a Chartered Accountant, has her own accounting business, and helps KSEF on financial issues.

She sponsors a child in secondary school in Kenya.

Steve Thomas

Steve teaches Economics in South-East London.  He graduated from Birmingham University in 2006.

In 2007/8 he spent a year teaching in Kenya, where he decided to set up KSEF.  He runs KSEF in his spare time.

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