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Kenya Secondary Education Fund

Helping to Educate Village Children in Kenya   

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KSEF is a Charity registered at HMRC. Our HMRC reference is  XT30279

On 13 July 2013 Steve Thomas ran FOUR marathons in UNDER 30 Hours for KSEF.     Please give generously !

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In 2002 newly elected President Mwai Kibaki made primary education free in Kenya. This of course is a good thing but with a lack of funding not enough new teachers were hired.

Teacher pay and morale are very low in public schools. Teacher student ratios of up to 100:1 are commonplace and it is not rare to find classrooms with scores of pupils sitting in silence with no teacher.

Kenyan children are phenomenally keen to do well at school but when they reach the end of primary school at 14 most have little chance of continuing their education as secondary schools are not free and incomes are prohibitively low.   For example, Mary  scored the highest grade in her school, but without KSEF, poverty would have forced her to leave school and work in the family  garden at 14 years old - just for food to eat.

With this in mind, KSEF aims to help Kenyan children achieve their dream of going to secondary school and perhaps even university giving them the chance to create their own future.   Now Mary has a chance to go to university.
What does KSEF do ?
Kitengela Home

For the last five years KSEF members have been paying school fees for four school children from Kitengela village, 50km south of Nairobi, Kenya. Each one of the children has grasped the opportunity given to them.

KSEF hopes to continue this good work, hopefully sending these children to university and expanding to help more children reach secondary school.

Please donate today and help a child in Kenya work hard to decide their own future.